Life At OPUS® Camper

Want to help us change people’s lives? Want to work for a company that thinks outside the box? I think it’s time we met.

What's in it for you

OPUS® Camper is located in the bayside area of Melbourne at Purple Line’s HQ, only a couple of kms from the beach. We believe work should be a place where you are supported and provided an opportunity to grow into your full potential.

Work/Life Balance

Flexible hours, awesome events, travel and relocation opportunities, work/life training, team building, volunteering.


If you’re not growing you’re dying. We are growing fast so there are real opportunities for staff to grow into their potential. We will support you, find your WHY and align your career path with that purpose.


You don’t have to be an owner to feel like one – knowing your part in the business and how you are rewarded for that contribution – as the business succeeds so do you.


We are dedicated to creating an environment of constant learning and innovation. We incorporate the ideas and practices of great influencers and thought leaders into all of our training.

Please get in touch if you want to become a part of the team. Send us an email and include any attachments. We look forward to hearing from you.

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