Who We Are

The OPUS® South Africa team started in 2013 in Pretoria, quickly establishing itself as a key supplier of quality camping trailers. We make awesome camper trailers, lots of them!

We are a global leader in the Caravan and RV Industry around the world; we design, manufacture, and deliver a wide range of products. Our revolutionary range of Air OPUS® camper trailers, and hybrid caravans are market leaders in Australia, USA, Europe and now South Africa.

We are part of Purple Line, whose product range includes the Orbit Air caravan annexes, remote control caravan and boat movers, the Aeroplus caravan wind deflector and a wide range of anti-theft caravan/camper trailer security and safety products.

Here at OPUS® we are proud of our invention, innovation, development and our continued improvement. The Purple Line slogan helps you understand exactly what we do here at OPUS® – ‘Design… Innovate… Improve.’ Purple Line have been designing, innovating and improving within the caravan accessory market for many years, and it is that ethos that is the foundation of OPUS®.

Our design principles are to make stylish, desirable products that are so easy to use and ergonomic that people will want to use them all the time, to get out into nature and enjoy the good life.

If you are a dealer or a consumer then we have the products and the ability, capability and people power to flawlessly and effortlessly service your needs.

Our Mission

To help our customers create stronger bonds with families and friends by enabling travel and adventure in style, safety and comfort.

Our Values

How we show up each day with each other and how we serve our clients is in line with our values.

Constant Innovation

There is always a better way. We embrace the new. We never lay down and rest on our laurels.

We Love What We Do

Nothing is a problem. Always do what is right and fair. We choose kindness.

We Care

There is always a better way. We embrace the new. We never lay down and rest on our laurels.

We Take Responsibility

Be accountable. We embrace our mistakes and learn from them. Always treat people how you want to be treated.

Get It Done

We get it done. We get it right the first time and move on. We go above and beyond.

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